Charest Legal has some exciting news! Fully managed hearings and support services are our latest service enhancement. Charest Legal Solutions now delivers a fully managed hearings and support service for users of Thomson Reuters CaseLines Digital Evidence Center.

Charest Legal Solutions staff have been given advanced training on CaseLines, and are available to support litigators who want to use the cloud-based court exhibit and evidence sharing platform for electronic hearings, both virtual and in person. Our team will deliver a fully managed hearings service for electronic hearings and develop protocols for new document management practices in discoveries, arbitrations, hearings and Supreme Court matters.

CaseLines, from Thomson Reuters, is a cutting-edge solution for counsel, prosecutors, arbitrators and courts. This is the system now being rolled out in Ontario’s courts. Designed to support virtual working in a single cloud-based repository, it combines tools that allow all the parties in a hearing to organise, share, review and present multimedia and documentary hearing materials. David Jackson, Senior Director, Business Development at Thomson Reuters said:

“Thomson Reuters is committed to providing litigators across Canada with a rounded package of support, especially for complex litigation. We were impressed by Charest Legal Solutions’ reputation in the market and its strong focus on a cooperative approach to meeting the needs of both the courts and litigators.”

CaseLines supports litigators at every stage of the process, from depositions to disclosure, pre-trial motions and in hearings and trials. Contact us to learn how we can support your electronic trial requirements in the months ahead.

Visit CaseLines to learn more.

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